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Endothil-CR Review


I received some samples of the relatively new product "Endothil-CR" not long ago and decided to trial the product.  Endothil-CR contains a proprietary phytonutrient blend (including extracts from green tomato, grape seed and green tee), a combination I had not previously come across in a natural bodybuilding supplement.

The product claims to assist "muscle recuperation cycle, muscle growth, upper and lower body strength*, muscle mass and circumference".  Whilst proper diet and exercise does exactly this, I was keen how this product would "enhance" this process, if at all.

*Worth noting, I have never heard of a supplement that assists upper body and not lower body...or vice versa...


Let's begin with taste.  I received chewable tablets which were quite nice actually.  They possess a unique taste, but if I were to compare it to anything I would go for chocolate.  The directions advise to "savour the flavour for a long period of time before swallowing", so the taste is very important in a product like this.


Reading the NovexBiotech website, I was bombarded with phrases such as:

  • "Better than Steroids?"

  • "Who would have thought a compound developed to help people overcome muscle atrophy would become the bodybuilding breakthrough of the decade?"

  • "Scientific breakthrough or dumb luck?"

Naturally I instantly raised my expectations of this product.  If a natural product could produce results that were better than steroids, minus any health implications...now that's something!  However, after attempting to source reputable and independent research on this product...I could not find any.  Rather, I found the summary of a clinical trial on the NovexBiotech website, that I assume was run by NovexBiotech.  If this is the case, I don't find this to be a reliable source of information since NovexBiotech is the company selling the product.

Now onto my trial of this supplement.  I trialled it for a total of eight weeks and found absolutely no benefit in taking this supplement whatsoever.  Zilch, zero, nadda, nill, zap.  Yes, over my trial period I made gains...but these gains were of no different in nature to the gains I have made in the past.  So is it the bodybuilding breakthrough of the decade?  I have concluded, no.



Unless you love the flavour of these things, there is no value as far as I'm concerned.  Around $80 retail for a month's supply of tablets that seemed to do nothing.  I have found a kilo of dextrose available for less than $10 in our store to be more effective with regards to strength and hypertrophy.



My high expectations of this product came crashing down very quickly.  With the vibe I gathered from the website, coupled with the lack of results from the product, I have thrown this supplement into the "too good to be true" category.

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