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Eating Clean All Year Round

Many people throw around the term 'eating clean' whilst they don't actually understand what it is. Basically, a 'clean diet' means only eating foods that will help you build muscle, lose body fat, maintain the development of your physique, or a combination of all of these fitness goals.

There is really no clinically agreed upon definition of a 'clean diet' but this expression usually refers to sacrificing all of the delicious, fattening foods that are eaten primarily for pleasure in order to reach your ambitious physique-enhancing goals in the quickest amount of time possible. Your body is basically a machine.

Depending on what fuel source (food) you put into the tank determines the performance it delivers. How many times had you gone out and had a BIG night, you know, too much eating, and way too much drinking. How do you feel the next day? For most of us, you would feel like crap. You might make your way to the gym but you feel sluggish and tired, your mind is wandering and you just don't feel yourself. Now jump to the other side of the tracks. When you follow a sound nutritional approach for any length of time how do you feel then. You jump out of bed in the morning, you feel strong and focused, your lifts are going up in the gym and you just feel good.

It all boils down to this:

What ever you put in your mouth will in one way or another effect how your body moves and feels.

You must FUEL it in a way so it performs at its best all day, every day (sounds like a car add). Well, you body is like a car. A clean diet is just like filling up on premium fuel when you are at the servo. You will have more grunt, more acceleration, more speed and better performance.

Eating clean will give you more speed, strength, stamina, make you feel better, and is one step closer to better results. DO NOT hinder your results by filling up on anything less than the very best. Now would you fill your brand new Lamborghini Diablo with regular fuel - NO WAY. The same can be said for you. Compare yourself to the regular person. You train you ass off so you are not the clapped out Valiant that so many people perform like. To stay out in front, go for the premium every time. If you want to be average, then eat average.

By reading this, you are acknowledging the fact that you are indeed exceptional. You are a fighter and you desperately want results. Then make sure you enhance those results with a sound nutritional approach. Follow a clean diet focusing on quality protein, moderate amounts of low glycemic carbohydrates and an ample supply of good fats. Also, enhance you diet with an adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals, and definitely drink more water then you are currently drinking now. By doing so, you definitely give yourself the best chance to achieve MAXIMAL RESULTS in MINIMAL TIME.

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