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Dymatize Nutrition Flud Review

Pre/Post workout nutrition is a huge market for supplement companies; some following single macronutrient pathways whilst others toting their complete solutions to remove the guess work for you. Today we look at a carbohydrate offering from Dymatize Nutrition, the aptly named Flud.

A Waxy Maize based product which is relative new on the supplement scene, Waxy Maize is quickly creating interest in the mainstream as a replacement for Maltodextrin.

Ease of Mixing - 5/5

A big highlight for this product is its great solubility in water (which is the norm for a carbohydrate supplement). Personally I've always mixed my carbohydrate products with whey protein in my pre and post workout shakes. Gladly I've experienced zero issues in the solubility arena with this product.

Taste - 3/5

Ah Waxy Maize, if its one thing that has turned the avid gym goer away from this supplement, it's without a doubt the notorious taste and texture. Chalk taste and chalk texture, not exactly a winner on either of these fronts it has to be said.

Enter the Flud, whilst not completely removing all flavour and texture issues with Waxy Maize, Dymatize have done a stellar job in reducing these negatives. I'm testing the Fruit Punch flavour, and whilst the colour of the stuff is something you may only witness in a nickelodeon commercial, the taste is a vast improvement over the natural flavour. I cannot stress enough how much better this tastes than run of the mill natural flavoured Waxy Maize.

Effectiveness - 4/5

Whilst I've used Waxy Maize as my primary carbohydrate supplement for the last year (numerous companies); this product is the first Waxy Maize I've used which upon ingestion hasn't induced any stomach discomfort; this is especially evident post workout. This may be due to the digestive enzyme formula built into the product.

On a performance / feeling front I have noticed a much fuller feeling in my muscles upon using this product. This was a surprise to me as I actually used less of this product than my past products. I've not noticed any positive or negative changes in strength; however I have experienced a slight increase in endurance.

Nutritional Analysis - 5/5

Flud's carbohydrate source is 100% Waxy Maize with the nice addition of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits. There's also a selection of digestive enzymes included in the formula to assist in digestion and to reduce stomach upset.

Value for Money - 4/5

For the 1.8kg container of Flud I was charged a moderate price, however compared to other major supplement manufacturers it actually comes in cheaper than the majority.

My previous Waxy Maize product of choice charged the same price for 3kg of product; now I will to note that I believe the cost bump is well justified for Flud as the overall experience from using the product has been much more positive.

Overall Conclusion - 4/5

On all fronts Dymatize Nutrition's Flud appears to be a quality Waxy Maize product. It's got the number one Waxy Maize flaw (taste) covered, and manages to squeeze in some nice additions at a competitive price. Thumbs up from my end.

You can purchase Dymatize Flud within the Amino Z supplement store!

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