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Dont Lose Sight Of The Bigger Picture

I have a question for you. When you think about the goals you wish to achieve from all the training you go through, are they either a visual physique goal or a performance goal? Do you dream of having a ripped 6 pack, one that makes your fellow trainers envious, or do you wish for your body to simply perform better? Well, if that's the case, then you are missing out on a big piece of the fitness lifestyle pie.

There are so many other benefits to be enjoyed from being fit and healthy, but many people miss out on these because their immediate goals make them so blind to anything else that can be experienced. Some trainers are some determined on a single goal (lets say a ripped midsection) that everything else around them can seem 2nd best if they cannot reach their main objective. Just say they have increased the weights they use on all of their exercises, toned up their chests, firmed up their arms and are fitter and stronger then they have ever been, this will all mean nothing if they don't sport that ripped 6 pack - seems crazy doesn't it.

But you know what! There are even bigger things which we can learn about ourselves following a healthy, active lifestyle, and these are even more important then any physical goal can be. I like to call these 'life goals'.

I started training regularly over 10 years ago, and back then my goals were pretty simple. I just didn't like what I saw in the mirror and I knew that the only way to fix it was with regular weight training. When I first started, one of the old boys in the gym told me not to lose sight of the bigger picture in my quest for mass. Back then I thought he was talking about unexpected physique goals. My goal was to improve the look of my physique, so any performance goal I experienced would be an additional goal - right?  Well, kind of.

When I started training regularly, I gained so much more then I ever thought of when I first started. Training taught me dedication, determination, discipline, goal setting, visualisation, consistency, patience, strength of character etc etc. I knew that if I trained consistency throughout my life I would remain strong and healthy, but I never expected anything else.

So what you might be saying. What does this have to do with anything - well, everything. You see, these unexpected results have improved all other aspects of my life as well as my physique. They have helped be generate successful business ventures, helped improve the quality of my relationships with not only family and friends, but business colleagues as well, and also enabled me to appreciate those things which are important to me.

To get the best out of a healthy lifestyle, remain open minded. You might not be able to create your ideal physique within six months, but from the very first day to start the journey, you will see that everything else will seem to benefit as well.

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