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Discovering Natural Whey Protein

In the eyes of many fitness experts, whey is the king of protein. And with good reason:

Whey protein aids a faster muscle recovery process.

It offers a rich source of amino acids. 

Whey protein boosts the immune system. 

It digests easily and promotes healthy ageing. 

Today’s supplement market also boasts of an assortment of natural whey protein powders. The term “natural” implies no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. Hence, all of the ingredients are natural which normally translates to a high pure protein percentage for optimum muscle building. 

In addition, the natural whey protein supplement varieties normally have a high level of branch-chained amino acids or BCAAs which help fuel and repair the muscles. 

An important fact to remember is that these supplements come from the best raw milk of cows fed with pesticide-free grass. Fitness experts maintain whey protein from natural sources is safe, pure and contains more nutrients. 

These products also contain natural sweeteners stevia and fructose.  The former is obtained from the stevia plant whilst the former is obtained from fruits. Stevia is all natural and does not add to the overall calorie content of natural whey protein powders, which remain relatively low.

So, in a nutshell, natural whey protein supplements are advantageous mainly because of the absence of artificial ingredients and their overall low calorie content. Combine these with the aforementioned benefits of regular whey protein and you are sure to boost your fitness levels in more ways than one. 

The natural whey protein variety can be added to an assortment of foods such as oatmeal or can be simply enjoyed as a shake prior to and after working out. 

Make sure to try natural whey protein powders for better overall health today. 


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