Dealing With Food Cravings

Typically when we want something we cannot or should not have, it makes us want that particular thing even more. And being in our case, demolishing all those heavenly sent foods that we love to indulge on might be just the thing we want. Obviously the problem here is the dramatic effects it could have on us in achieving our goals whether being weight loss, health, fitness, muscle building etc. 

 So before we make that decision of eating that juicy pizza or creamy chocolate bar, we should take a step back first and weigh up the cons and pros here. If we do decide to give in and eat these bad foods what are we going to achieve from this? We may have a short time of enjoyment experiencing the nice flavours from these foods for around 10-20min and then it’s gone. Now we may have just caused us to go one or two days backwards from reaching our goals. So before we give in to these foods, let us question ourselves, is this 10-20min of indulgence really worth one to two days of extra work?   

A perfect analogy we could use is saving money in the bank. We may decide on a goal of a specific amount of money we would like to save in order to purchase something we really want. Every dollar we put in our savings gets us that tiny step closer to our goal. Alternatively, every dollar we take out of our savings takes us further away. Now to turn this analogy into what we are talking about, the money will equal food, and the bank will equal our body. Every healthy food choice we make can help us get closer to our goal. Where every bad food choice may take us steps further away from reaching them.

For a lot of us, when we decide on something we are going to eat, sub consciously we may think to ourselves, “is this meal going to keep me full and feel satisfied”? Instead, we could change this thought and now say,” is this food going to give me the fuel l need to function”? If we begin to look at food as fuel we might start to make better food choices. Just like when we are putting fuel in our cars, would we rather put in a cheaper fuel that may decrease performance and lead to problems in the future? Or spend a little bit more on a proven better quality fuel knowing it will be more reliable and better in the long run?

Luckily for us, there are so many food choices we can pick from that if we are desperately craving something, it is likely we can buy either healthier substitutes or buy healthier ingredients and cook it ourselves. And if there is no substitute at all for the one thing we are really craving, we could keep in mind portion sizes and calorie expenditure for the day. Something we may do for an example like going out to dinner, we could consume less calories during the day to make up for the dinner we are going to eat later in the evening. At least this way we can try and cut down calories consumed for the overall day which may decrease things like weight gain.

When we are making food choices and trying to beat those cravings, we could try looking towards the future and decide where our decisions could take us rather than focusing on the moment without considering the consequences. Food cravings can be difficult to overcome to begin with, it’s not expected that we can totally cut them out over night. But if we try to work at reducing our food cravings slowly each day, those intense feelings of wanting to binge on junk food may become less extreme and hopefully non-existent.   


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