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Curves Gyms have an exercise program. I am already quite fit, what are the machines going to do for me?

Curves Gyms are female only exercise workouts - so I have obviously never actually been to one.

From what I know about Curves gyms, it is a circuit based workout that lasts for 30 minutes.  So long as you are able to step up the intensity of the sessions, you may be able to achieve such results as:

  • Fat loss
  • Strength increase
  • (Minimal) muscle gain
  • Fitness increase

Circuit based workouts are geared toward a cardiovascular response, calorie expenditure and a strength response.  As a result, the major benefits could be a fitness increase (assuming the intensity is high enough for your level of fitness), weight loss (assuming that your nutritional intake allows for a calorie deficit) and a strength gain (assuming that the weight selected is high enough to stimulate a strength increase).  Do not expect any significant amount of muscle gain - circuit based workouts lean more toward strength than they do muscle gain.

If you are seeking a solution for general fitness, Curves gyms may be a viable option.  It is important to remember that they should be integrated into a lifestyle plan - including nutrition and other forms of exercise, geared toward your specific goals.

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