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Choosing The Perfect Shaker Bottle

If you are into fitness, chances are, you have already had your share of shaker bottles. Some were excellent whilst the others were not so. The main advantage of having a shaker bottle is you can easily whip up a protein shake or meal replacement wherever you are. You do not need a blender as most shaker bottles come with a metal spring ball to mix the powdered substance you put in. 

Good quality shaker bottles have a plastic pop cap that helps to avoid any potential leaking. Whilst this feature may seem fairly obvious, there are times when a protein shake or meal replacement spills due to poor pop cap quality. A trial and error may not be the best solution here. It would be better to go online and read customer reviews of any shaker bottle you are targeting. 

If you are on the lookout for your perfect shaker bottle, here are some tips worth mentioning:

1. Capacity—naturally, you should buy a shaker bottle which can hold the amount of fluid you wish to consume.

2. Material—majority of shaker bottles are made of plastic, though there are some pricier varieties that are made of stainless steel. Needless to say, the stainless steel kind is more durable between the two.  

3. Flip lock or screw-on lid—a shaker bottle cap comes in two forms—the flip lock or screw-on lid. You can open a flip-lock shaker bottle with the simple flick of your thumb. The screw-on lid kind requires you to open and close the shaker bottle cap as you would a peanut butter jar. 

Between the two, it is the flip-lock variety that usually boasts of leak-free features. However, this would also depend on the exact details of the end product. 

4. Added features—some of today’s top-of-the-line shaker bottles also double as a manual blender. They come with a whisk ball in the bottle. Your concoction will be mixed well at half the time it usually takes a shaker without this feature.

There are also shaker bottles with ice wands that can be kept in the freezer. It is attached inside the shaker which allows you to enjoy chilled shakes after your workout.

Our very own Amino Z Shaker Pro has a separate compartment for the liquid and the powder. What this does is maximise the nutritional quality of your shake or meal replacement by eliminating powder component breakdown prior to ingestion). Its circular and narrow openings in the top chamber allow a consistent stream of small powder to trickle into the fluid and therefore eliminate clumping. 

5. Earth-friendly—better make sure your shaker bottle is BPA-free. BPA stands for bisphenol A, a compound found in plastic food and drink containers which is linked to adverse health effects such as infertility, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.  


If you take the time to ponder on healthy food choices and workout supplements, you should also do the same thing whenever you choose a shaker bottle. No workout, meal or snack is worth enjoying if your shaker bottle gives you problems. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you have done your part to make your healthy lifestyle as fun as can be.  

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