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Can You Ever Reach Your Training Intensity Limit?

Ask anyone you meet in the gym how hard they train, and they'll tell you that no one trains harder then they do. Each and every workout, they re-define the term 'hard trainer'. They truly believe that their training intensity is constantly off the scale.

But why do people feel that when they reach a certain level, that they can possibly advance no further? Do they feel comfortable where they are now, knowing that they do not have to try any harder, or are they simple fearful of what lays ahead. Maybe they have already far exceeded their original training goals, and feel that continually pushing the envelope now will only set them up for failure. Are these feelings valid?

If you really want to push to your limit in the gym their is nothing stopping you, regardless of your level of accomplishment now. You can always set a new level of achievement, you can always train harder.

If you ever reach the stage where you think that you can simply train no harder then your results will stagnate. If you don't have the drive to push harder and harder each and every session, then your athletic goals will be greatly reduced. Lets now look at a few ways at which you can improve your training performance, and really up the intensity for earth shattering results.


Each and every time you come to the gym, you should be chasing more and more weight on the bar. The more weight you lift, the greater overload you will achieve. We all know that abbreviated, overload type training programs produce the best results, so the simple fact of lifting a heavier weight will force your intensity levels through the roof.


If a big increase in weight is impossible to achieve, try to increase your reps. If you are reaching 4 reps per set on average, try and chase 6. This will make you work that much harder, but at the same time still keeping you in a 'overload training' protocol. Please restrain yourself of simply adding more work to your session in the belief that the increased volume will produce the same results. Sorry to say but it will not. Increasing your output should simply mean going to the maximum allowable tolerances outlined in your training program, not more. Simply demand more from yourself each and every rep.

Increase your mental application

Simply trying to concentrate on the task at hand can make your workouts that much more effective. If you develop a single minded approach when your in the gym, you will be able to attack the weights with a much greater sense of urgency and effort. This ability to pin point your energies and focus onto a single task for a period of time is a developed skill, so start now. You must be able to put 100% of your body, mind and soul into each and every rep to develop maximal results - its that simple.

You must never get into the habit, believing that you have reach your full training potential. Going into each and every session with the mindset that you can train harder then you have ever trained before will guarantee that you will continue to experience results way into the future when it comes to improving your physique.

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