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Building Muscle By Using Your Strengths

Ever have one of those moments when life suddenly smacks you about the head? I had a very big one of sorts leading into this very article. You see, I was chatting to Ryan one morning and he asked me in not so many words to possibly piece together an article about training as you are getting older, or something possibly down that path. I could see the potential for a great article but before getting to that I had to ask (and more importantly myself), why on earth was he asking ME to put this together???

Why me? Believe it or not, this really played on my mind a fair bit. Granted I could research and piece the article together but was there more to it, was I being told something I didn’t want to hear? I don’t want to think about getting older, heck I am only 32 after all. Then as the original lighting bolt hit me, so did another – maybe that’s the point. Being 32 and at a physiology standpoint, people are starting to slow down. Think contact spots such as first grade football, mid 30’s and athletes are retired and done. Say I was playing first grade football (that would have never happened I am not very good), would I at this stage starting to think of retirement and what I was going to do next? All I know is thank god bodybuilding isn’t standard sport and truth be known, I truly believe that regular weight training is the one and only fountain of youth.

Want to stay young beyond your years, you need to lift! When you have your health and fitness, you can do pretty much anything in any situation. When you have energy to burn and truly feel and perform well below your years; that is when you know you are on a good thing!

Looking at it too from another perspective, having a few years on your side is that really a bad thing? I don’t believe so in any regards to training. Surely you may not be able to get away with the same reckless bravado that you once used to thrive on, but with experience comes ‘real world knowledge’. Knowing what you are doing and what needs to be done correctly, that is so much more beneficial then simply going blindly through the motions. Throwing around as much as you are trying to handle and hoping for growth: that never works. Maybe it is time for the youth to inspire to be like the trainers before them?

Experience brings knowledge

The one thing that the older and more experienced trainer definitely has is knowledge. Both theory based knowledge and first hand knowledge – when it comes to creating the ultimate training lifestyle programs both of these are indispensable

Theory Based: This obviously needs no explanation. There is a high chance that if someone has been in the game for a longer period of time, they will have greater sourced knowledge. I call source knowledge as education sourced from a book, websites, magazines etc. To me it is knowledge that has been presented to the person.

First Hand Knowledge: A common argument within the industry where you can debate the differences in knowledge and how they separate is in relation to personal training. A lot of the younger trainers entering the industry have great textbook knowledge, but don’t have an equal depth of first hand knowledge. First hand knowledge is something that comes with time. Is one better then the other? Just different!

For the best example of someone with first hand knowledge, think of the guy in your gym who has been training for the last 20 plus years. Over that time he has learnt what is best for him and his physique, and also knows the best ways to implement. He is in such, his own best trainer. This skill is not something that you can learn overnight or in fact that can be taught to you. It is something that will take a long while to accumulate and is something that you learn from within. It’s about taking the ideas that work best for you to develop the best return/results.

So how can I as a young trainer benefit now?

Easy answer! It again comes down to training with more knowledge and less recklessness. Building the ultimate physique takes a plan and than takes action. Age alone mixed with enthusiasm almost guarantees that you will bust your ass in the gym (think of the young guys making out on the leg extension machine in the quest for huge thighs), though take steed from the more experienced trainer and devise an appropriate plan of attack (leave the leg extension and opt for the rack instead). The plan of attack, this is where you need to focus for the better your plan, the better your possible results. You most obtain the best results by simply going through the motions or following the latest pro routine. You need to find the program that will best work for yourself.

Youth is a great motivator

For the more experienced trainer, don’t look at youth and scoff at their misguided adventures in the gym. What that lack for in training experience they certainly do make up for with enthusiasm, and this can be a great way to continue experiencing exceptional results for time to come.

The best plan of attack; it will only ever be as good as its implementation and subsequent effort. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that if the plan is exceptional means you need to train with anything less then all out intensity? This is though confronted with experience on your side you will very well know better. You always need to deliver the intensity.

What we are left with here is more people content with their training programs and greater success across the board. More training newbie’s entering the gym with the mindset of a veteran; a solid training program designed especially for them and their goals and the correct delivery and implementation. And then we have the experienced trainer not content on resting on their laurels, continuing to push the boundaries and as hungry as ever for success.


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