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Basketball Strength Training 101

Many basketball players nowadays pay attention to their training regimens more than ever before. As a result, professional leagues such as the NBA, FIBA and Australia’s own NBL are as competitive as they have ever been. It has been said that this sport is more mental than it is physical. But make no mistake about it, it can get rough out there. Only the strong survive.

Today let us check out some strength training tips which will help you become a better and more versatile basketball player.

To begin with, there are three different types of basketball strength training:

1. Absolute or Maximal Strength—this is the maximum force that a muscle group can exert in a single, momentary contraction. For instance, basketball players who can bench press 250 pounds have more absolute strength than a player who bench presses 200 pounds.

This is a vital component of a basketball’s strength training program as it serves as a foundation for muscular power and speed. 

2. Muscular Power—this is a combination of absolute strength and speed of movement. If you increase either one without reducing the other, then you are increasing explosive power. A highly-recommended and effective way of maximising one’s muscular power in basketball is through plyometrics or jump training. This combines both elements of speed and strength in single movement patterns. 

3. Muscular Endurance—this is the ability to perform repeated, high-intensity movements without tiring. As basketball is a game of spurts, it is crucial to improve this aspect of your strength training programme. Improvements in this regard will improve your ability to sprint up and down the court repeatedly and in quick succession. 

Here are some other tips worth taking to heart:

1. Always warm up properly before lifting weights.

2. Make sure you have a spotter or trainer who can assist you during your exercises.

3. Frequency-wise, weight train 2-3 times weekly on non-consecutive days.

4. Lift weights which are within your threshold. Never go beyond what you are capable of lifting. Make sure to progress , but know what your limits are. 

5. Never start a strength training program on your own without the help of a coach or certified personal trainer.

6. Pay close attention to your technique. 

7.  Train explosively and maintain a high level of intensity in the weight room


Knowledge is power. By getting to know the intricate details and beginner tips about basketball strength training, you have taken that all-important first step in polishing your game. As mentioned previously, you may be the best at outwitting your competition, but if you can’t outmuscle them, then your effort will all go for naught. Be the best basketball player that you can be by making strength training a regular part of your fitness programme. 

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