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Avoiding Limitations

Life is a series of challenges. Challenges which in most make us a better person and take us one step closer to reaching our goals, whether they be health and fitness goals, or goals in general. Many people view a challenge as a limitation. They feel that at that particular point of time that the limitation placed on them is having a negative impact on their lives as is somewhat holding them back. In most instances that is true.

In reality, wouldn't life be great if we never had limitations placed on us and we could focus 100% on what we wanted, 100% of the time. Well in NeverNever Land this might be the case, but here on planet Earth there will always be something holding us back. This is unavoidable. But there are some limitations, which we can avoid. There are many limitations which can be detrimental to your performance.

Limitations placed on you by people around you. Many times you cannot avoid certain limitations. Say you go into the gym fired up to do weighted chins, yet when you get there for the life of you, you cannot find the weight belt. This will seriously slow your motivation for a split second, until you refocus your priorities, and realise you can perform the same function on the pulldown machine. Even though this was unavoidable and you didn't see it until it was upon you, you could quickly take charge and move on.

There are some though that cannot be so quickly recoverable. There is nothing worse when limitations are placed on you from those people in your inner circle. Your family and close friends are the people who have more influence over your life than anyone else. We all strive to have there acceptance, yet many times what they think is good for you, well, isn't in YOUR best interest.

Give me an example? Well we all know that overload is the key to muscle growth - right. Hard and heavy training is the key. There have been times when I feel as though I am training well, the weights are slowing creeping up and I am feeling pretty good. Then what will happen is one of my 'non-competitive' training friends will watch me train. I will do a set, taken to positive failure, and feel pretty good about myself. I will turn to them and be taken back a little cause they have a look of shear horror on their face. 'You are gonna kill yourself if you keep training like that', or 'who are you trying to impress by going so heavy' and just some of the comments I have been greeted with.

Now you could only imagine what effect this will have on me. I am greatful that they care enough about me to be concerned for my welfare, but unfortunately, those comments will have more of a negative impact then anything else. I will start to question my own beliefs and what I know is right. Why? Because these people care about me and i care about them, and I want to be thankful for their concern. But in the end I am the one whose agenda I am following, I know what I am doing it and I know what is best for me.

The problem is that they do not know, want to know or care about my dreams. During times like these, I will explain to them what I am indeed doing, and the reasoning behind it, because this is a limitation (negative comments and self-doubt) that I cannot afford to have. The same can be said for diet. 'Why are you eating that stuff', 'surely a little piece of cake won't hurt you', or 'can't you be NORMAL for just one day' are all negative comments I have received relating to nutrition. The problem here is the same as training. Often, they do not realise that building maximum muscle is a 24 hr a day process and I need to focus on a consistent nutritional intake, one which is right for ME.

You see, this to me IS NORMAL, and often more times than not, my inner circle does not realise this. I will always take the time to fill them in on what's going on, so to speak, so I am not confronted by these same limiting questions again.

So how do you avoid this? You basically have two types of people. The person who will support you matter what, and the person who will try to pull you down. You should try and surround yourself with people who not only care for you, but the people who support (and accept) what you are doing. Yes you want them to show their concern if it is genuine, but in the same time, be able to appreciate the fact you do indeed know what your doing and you are doing so for one very specific reason - because YOU want too. You only have one life to live, and as such should try to make it as rewarding as possible. If that means disassociating with those who do not accept your goals then so be it.

You only want to share your life with those people who accept what you do, and who you are, for it is only then that you will find balance. It is only then that you will even have a shot of reaching your goals.

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