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Are Sports Supplements Worth It?

Have you ever wondered if using sports supplements is all worth it? I mean, they can get very expensive sometimes and with so many bogus products out in the market, have you ever wondered if the risks are just too damn high? Well if ou are dedicated to staying 'drug free' and want to improve your current physique bad enough, then yes, supplements can definitely help you.

A well-structured supplementation program can be a tremendous advantage in your quest to gain muscle and lose body fat. When combined with proper training and nutritional habits, a good supplementation program can assist in more efficient and rapid muscle growth - without the moral, legal, and medical ramifications commonly associated with drug-use. It will, however, take patience, knowledge, and a financial investment.

Before we go any further you must understand something. No one supplement will make an ounce of difference if everything else in your program isn't structured for efficient muscle gain. Nor will an entire supplementation program assist you if you do not train correctly, eat correctly or fail to follow all your principles 100%.

A supplement is exactly what it states, a supplement to an otherwise correct approach to training, nutrition and recovery. It is only when these principles are met that you can expect to see the exceptional results that a sound, supplementation program can deliver.

OK, so how will supplements benefit me? Proper supplementation is essential to those who strive for the best physique possible to achieve without the use of harmful/illegal drugs. If all factors such as genetics, training, and nutrition were equal among those who train naturally, the choice of the right supplementation program would undoubtedly differentiate the best development from the mere satisfactory. 2006 is probably one of the best times to be a health conscious individual. Food engineering has propelled at a phenomenal rate, giving us 'healthy' foods that not only taste great, but are also functional (have been designed specifically to enhance our efforts in the gym).

The excuse of not eating healthy because these foods taste bland and un-appetising can be pushed to the kerb. Some of the latest powders on the market taste sensational, so when you are required to eat 6-10 times a day as all dedicated natural athletes should do, eating clean and healthy becomes ridiculously easy. If you plan on making the most of your intense workouts, you have to back them up with proper nutritional habits. It has been said that how you eat determines up to 80 percent of the way you look, so why not make the whole process a little easier. The majority of us eat out of convenience, or habit.

Next time you are in the gym, take note of who is giving you advice on nutrition and supplements. The old guys will be telling you that all supplements are a waste of money and just do what they do, eat lots of meat. On the other end on the scale is the young novice lifter who reads every muscle magazine printed and knows everything about every product, yet still looks like your sister. Put it this way. To take your physique from one, which is 'average', to one which is 'phenomenal', use the latest findings that current science is providing. This is when you need to 'take advantage' and not hold back.

The science behind sports supplements has never been so detailed. Why? Because sports supplements are now big business and as in all business, they need a product to sell. This is when caution must be used. Stay well clear of the 'too good too be true' products, because they usually are. To give yourself the best chance of success, stick to your basic, research proven products such as Creatine, L-Glutamine, high quality Whey Protein and a good Multi Vitamin/Mineral formula.

Just because you have decided to remain 'natural' doesn't mean you have to settle for second best. It just means you need to be smarter. By carefully selecting what you eat, when you eat, and also what you use and how you use it, you will have both natural and non-natural athletes envious of your well-deserved physique.

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