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Amino Acids and Muscle Growth

The Keys to Building Strong and Powerful Muscles

Most people who are involved in sports and fitness or muscle building activities are aware of the importance of amino acids in their diet. However not all people are exactly sure just what an amino acid is or what role it plays in the growth and health of muscles in the body. To put it simply, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are necessary to build strong lean muscle mass. Proteins can be described as a long necklace with many different beads on the chain. Each bead on the chain is a particular amino acid. These chains join together to make thousands of different proteins. When protein is consumed it is synthesised into the different amino acids that form new proteins that are essential for many body parts and functions such as skin, hair, eyes and most importantly, muscle.

There are twenty two different amino acids in all. Fourteen of these amino acids can be formulated by the body on its own. However the other nine must be obtained by eating protein-rich foods. These are known as the essential amino acids because it is absolutely necessary for our bodies to have them and we must get them from the foods that we eat. This is where the role of supplementation comes in. Many people do not get the amino acids that our bodies need in their diets because they are not eating enough of the proper foods. Athletes, bodybuilders and even the average person who is committed to an ongoing health and fitness program may find it necessary to include a high-quality amino acid supplement in their program. Amino acids should be used as a supplement to a diet that is already rich in proteins and other important nutrients.

Bodybuilders, because their main focus is to increase their strength and muscle mass, are some of the primary users of protein supplements. Many bodybuilders use a product known as Controlled Labs Purple Wraath. The manufacturer of this product hails it as being the “Holy Grail” of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement. It helps maximise lean muscle mass and fat loss while also increasing recovery time, strength, endurance and energy. This product was designed to be one of the most effective essential amino acid products on the market that will help to keep your body in a constant anabolic state and elevate your training and endurance to the next level.

This product contains the essential amino acids that our body needs for everyday functions such as improving digestion, stimulating hormone release, assisting in the breakdown of fats and improving the memory. The essential amino acid group is comprised of the following:

  • Leucine
  • Valine
  • Isoleucine
  • Lysine
  • Arginine
  • Histidine
  • Threonine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine


There is another group of important amino acids that are known as branched chain amino acids or BCAA's and they are considered to be the most important of all. These amino acids help to metabolise skeletal muscle, increase muscular cell energy production, increase protein synthesis, simulate metabolic signals, and are a precursor to the initial formation of other amino acids. BCAA's help the body to maintain muscle tissue and minimise what is known as a “catabolic state” by boosting protein production during your workout. These amino acids also help you to maintain muscle strength thus maximising your weight training exercises.


By studying all the different amino acids that are necessary to the body, researchers and scientists are able to formulate amino acid supplements that  ensure that these necessary amino acids can be safely and effectively introduced into the body without side effects. The amino acid supplements and products today are nothing like what was on the market ten to twenty years ago. The amino acids products today are scientifically researched and designed to be absorbed quickly into the body and provide you with increased performance, recovery time and fatigue resistance  that will help to boost your training and performance significantly.

For those that have an active health and fitness regimen or participate in athletic competitions proper amino acid supplementation should be included in their program. It can give you the edge over other others or simply boost the output of your hard training workouts, giving you results that you normally would not achieve as well as increasing your strength, performance and muscle mass.

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