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A Vision for Personal Training

About the author: Jay Bonaretti is an award winning personal trainer who is based in Sydney.  Jay also conducts online personal training services through the Amino Z website.  For more information on Jay's services, please click here!

As a full-time professional personal trainer, I am very passionate about the fitness industry.  Day in and day out I see people putting their heart and soul into their training.  Some receive amazing results...whilst others fail to lose a kilogram over the course of many months of hard work.  Some people have clearly defined goals and plans...whilst others lack all sense of vision with regards to their own goals.  Because there simply isn't any "formula" for achieving a particular health or fitness goal, many people never achieve their goals as a result of many factors including ignorance, confusion, misinformation and discouragement.

According to a poll conducted on Amino Z earlier this year, over half of our respondents have never actually had a personal trainer.  Personally I found this figure quite alarming.  Now, the majority of our visitors come to this website in the pursuit of a health or fitness goal.  So, for the general population, a much larger percentage of people would have never acquired the services of a personal trainer.  With obesity and other preventable health complications on the rise in Australia, alongside an aging population, I see red flags popping up everywhere and something needs to be done NOW.

So, I have a vision for personal training in Australia.

I strongly believe that the Australian population need to be educated as to the benefits of a health nutritional approach in conjunction with an enjoyable exercise routine.  This is the personal trainer comes in - we have the tools available to revolutionise each individuals eating and exercise habits.  Contrary to popular belief, exercise shouldn't be a chore - it should be looked forward to.  Similarly, nutrition should be shouldn't be carrot sticks and protein shakes all day long.

However my vision for personal training goes one step further - for the value of personal training to be seen as superior to the propaganda resulting from marketing hype.  There is a collection of companies who promote "quick" and "easy" weight loss or muscle building solutions.  These can range from the latest abdominal machine, to an (awful) protein shake diet, right through to the latest weight loss pill.  I believe that for the vast majority of people, these "fad" products simply don't work - for whatever reason.  In my opinion, the only think that's "quick" and "easy" about it is putting some "quick" and "easy" money into that companies hands!  Please excuse the cynicism...but it's an unfortunate reality of the Australian fitness industry.

Personal training has come so far in the last fifteen years and it continues to grow as an industry in Australia.  As a matter of fact, it's booming right at this very moment.  This is because we provide a service to people that is superior to them going at it alone.  People receive long-lasting results - promoting a healthier, more enjoyable and prosperous lifestyle.  We are also in the business of prevention - prevention against the many life-threatening diseases that are on the rise today.  So whilst the personal training industry is moving in the right direction, we still have a lot more work to do.

So, that's my vision for personal training.  By providing Amino Z as a free resource to the public, I feel that I am making my contribution to the Australian personal training industry.  I hope you enjoy it!

If you are considering making a change in your life and would like information on my personal training services (both in Sydney and Online), please click here!

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