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A comparison between 2 carb-based Post workout supplements

A study compares the effect of two carb- based post workout drinks with different ingredients on aerobic athletic performance and body composition.

It is known that the effect of a post workout supplement beverage can aid in recovery and overall performance. Unfortunately, there are few unbiased studies which are able to support the specifics of how different doses and ingredients compare to one another and various aerobic performance outcomes.

Researchers from the University of Nebraska, California State University and the University of Central Florida collaborated on this 8 week experimental study. The purpose was to find out and compare the effects of a carb, protein and ribose containing drink with a carb only post workout drink. The drink was used in the context of improving and training the aerobic system.

32 subjects were recruited; they were all male, averaging 23 years of age. They were put through a series of tests to determine: aerobic capacity, percent body fat, fat free mass, and TTE (time to exhaustion at 90%max. The tests were given before the experimental period began, at the 3 and 6 week mid points, and after the 8 week period ended. They were randomly separated into 2 groups: test group (carb, protein, ribose drink), control group (carb only drink).

For 1 hour per day, 5 days per week, the subjects performed workouts on a cycle ergometer (stationary bicycle) at an intensity of 70% of VO2peak.

In both groups, all measures improved: percent body fat and body weight decreased, while time to exhaustion and aerobic capacity increased. The measures of the control group were slightly better in all categories, except for the %body fat and fat free mass.


Cramer, JT, Housh, TJ, Johnson, GO, Coburn, JW, and Stout, JR. "Effects of a carbohydrate-, protein-, and ribose-containing repletion drink during 8 weeks of endurance training on aerobic capacity, endurance performance, and body composition." Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 26(8): 2234-22-42. 2012.

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