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A Balanced Program Creates Remarkable Results

You are probably wondering what the hell is as important as training. Below is a list, which comprises of all the aspects needed to be utilised to get the very best out of your weight training program:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight Training
  • Recovery
  • Intensity
  • Hydration
  • Mental Attitude


Many people state that Nutrition, or correct nutrition is as much as 80% accountable for the success that you expierence in the Gym. I believe that this is a big underestimate. I believe that correct nutrition is 100% accountable for the success you expierence.

You see, good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. When you break it all down, good nutrition is nothing more than good food for your body and good food is nothing more than good fuel. The better the fuel you put in and the more consistent you are in suppling that 'good fuel' the better your results will be.

Without a 100% commitment to good nutrition practices, you will really be short changing yourself with the results that you could possibly gain. The more intelligently you approach your body's nutritional needs the quicker you will maximise your muscular growth.

Weight Training

OK, the nuts and bolts. As we have covered in other articles, it all boils down to time efficient work outs with effective exercise selections. By choosing compound exercises as the cornerstone of our programs, by training in the 4-6 rep range, 6-8 working sets per body part, working each body part only once a week, we will provide the most amount of stimulus possible whilst still giving ourselves ample time to recover.

Seeing that we only do minimal training we need to make it as effective as possible, hence the use of compound exercise and heavy weights, giving 100% every time we hit the gym.


Now going hand in hand with weight training is recovery. When we talk about recovery not only are we talking about recovery between training sessions (short term) but we are also talking about recovery of individual muscle groups as well as the system on a whole. With our abbreviated style of training, we create huge amounts of stress on our bodies. It is this stress (the stimulus), which gives our bodies the reason to get bigger and stronger in the first place.

But before we can get bigger, we must firstly recover. You see, muscle growth is merely over-compensation. We cannot get bigger until we first are completely recovered. Even though you are eager for muscle growth, you must realise that recovery is just as important as everything else. Resist the urge to follow the crowd with the 'more is better' mentality. All the more is better philosophy will get you is small muscles and injuries.

When its time to train, train. But when its time to recover, pop your feet up and enjoy.


Now, how much of a recovery period we need all depends on how hard we train, or how 'intense' our sessions are. I define 'intensity' as how hard we push ourselves during every rep of every set of every training session. You must strive to continually train harder, for its only this intense drive that we can generate which will determine if we achieve average muscle gains compared to out of this world development.

It is the ability to put forth every ounce of Physical, Mental and Emotional effort into your training which will separate the men from the boys. The harder you can push yourself during a session, the more likely that you will achieve full muscular overload. It is only then that with adequate recovery and nutrition that you will recover and grow bigger and stronger.

One thing must be said right now. No matter how hard you think you are training now, you can always train harder. If you get complacent and become content with the intensity you put into your sessions, your gains will come to a halt. You must always train wit 100% Intensity to achieve 100% worth of results.


This is one aspect, which is so often overlooked its almost funny. After all, your body is 2/3's water and your muscles are approximately 70% water, yet people don't drink. For ultimate health, we need to drink water, and lots of it. Forget about that 8 glasses a day crap (that might be OK for your Grandmother) but for a hard training athlete, you need a lot more. How much more you say. Well, the experts recommend 1 litre per 25 kg of bodyweight. Personally, I think you could double this. Don't try and do it all in one day, just work you way up to it.

The best thing about this though is that its free, and your body will thank you for it.

You are probably wondering why I am pumping the high consumption of water so much. Well, here we go. Nutrient digestion, transport, and absorption are all dependent on proper fluid intake. Water effects cellular nutrient uptake and circulation. Water is critical for flushing toxins from the body. Every physiological activity is negatively effected when hydration is compromised. Water also helps properly regulate body temperature and is responsible for the utilization of all the water soluble vitamins your body needs to survive.

Water is essential, cheap, and can have a very big impact on how well your body is able to build muscle. Water helps prevent injuries while training by cushioning joints and other critical soft tissue areas. I can't stress enough the importance of drinking abundant amounts of clear, clean water.

There are lots of little tricks you can do to make sure you drink more water then you are right now. The best one is to always have a water bottle handy. Then, no matter what's happening, you have your bottle - enjoy.

Mental Attitude

Now no matter how well you implement the 5 above points, they all mean diddly unless you have a 'never say die' mental attitude and an unbreakable belief in your own abilities.

In regards to weight training, you must be prepared to always strive for a higher level of achievement. This might come in the form of an extra 5kg on the bar, or maybe even correcting your form whilst using maximum weights. Even the act of getting 'one more rep' is an improvement. Never be satisfied with your current level of development, or the effort you pur forth in the gym. You can always do better.

With all the other aspect of the fitness lifestyle, don't deviate from your plan. Yes, to the so called 'normal' people of society, they will not understand you. They do not understand the way you eat, sleep or anything else for that matter. But, they do not crave a strong, muscular physique like you do. Stand strong to your convictions and have belief in yourself. Believe in what you are doing, and you will reap the fruits of your labour, a physique that will be admired not only from your peers, but from the disbelievers as well.


As you can see, no aspect is more important then the other. It is only when you put forth 100% in ALL aspects of the bodybuilding lifestyle, is when you will experience success. Success is here waiting for you. All you need to do is step up to the plate and take the challenge. Are you ready?

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