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4 Week Weight Training Update

Four weeks ago, following the conclusion of FILEX, I blogged on The Best Muscle Building Workout. Whilst I didn't provide specifics on the ultimate workout that would guarantee results for everyone without exception (if I could, I would be a multi-millionaire!), I did note that I was trialling a brand new method of training. The protocols are as follows:

2 week mesocycles, progressing from 3-5 reps (I changed this from 4-6), to 6-8, to 8-10 and finally to 10-12. Rest periods are inversely related to total reps, decreasing from 180 seconds, to 120 seconds, to 90 seconds and finally to 60 seconds in the final two weeks. All sets to failure. Exercises change every 2 weeks also. High intensity cardio is being performed twice a week.

I'm at the half way point this week and have just begun the 8-10 rep range cycle. Here are some observations from this program so far:

  • DOMS is far more prevalent than with a standard 4 week mesocycle of training (in any rep range).
  • I am seeing significant progress (weights/reps) in the second week of each mesocycle.
  • The first week of each new mesocycle is quite difficult as I feel quite weak with the new rep range/rest time parameters.

I guess, all of this is to be expected with such constant variations in exercises, rest times and reps to vailure. Week 1 I am conditioned for a lower rep range, which makes it difficult for my muscles to perform effectively in a higher rep range. Week 2, following a week of conditioning, would quite obviously result in significant increases in performances.

So far, no big surprises. I have gained body mass, fat and muscle, however the exact ratio I am unsure of at this point. I am also consuming more calories than previously. What I will be looking to do is, upon completion of this 8 week macrocycle, take a week of rest and then repeat the exact same progression. I will then be able to see how my strength has been affected by this training progression.

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