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Unlimited Free Priority Shipping
$10 Monthly Renewal Credit*
Member-only Prices & Sales
Triple Z Points Earning
5 Scoop Product Guarantee

Join thousands of others and sign up to Club Z on a 14 day free trial to immediately take advantage of these unbeatable perks!

You can cancel at any time and if you wish to continue after your free trial, membership begins from $3.99/month.

Unlimited Free Priority Shipping

As a Club Z member, you receive fast priority shipping on all your orders for free! If you need a small top-up, we'll ship it for free by our standard delivery method. Please note that heavy deliveries to remote areas of Australia may still incur a heavy order surcharge.

$10 Monthly Renewal Credit (Premium Plan only)

As thanks for staying an active member, every month that you renew a paid membership you will receive $10 back in Z Points! This account credit can then be used as a discount on any future order. This doesn't expire and will accumulate over time if you want to save it up! If you're subscribing to the annual plan, you'll still receive $10 monthly after your first paid month. Please note that this is a benefit of the monthly and annual Premium plans only and not available on our Base plan.

Member-only Prices & Sales

Club Z members receive access to exclusive prices that are well below our already crazy everyday prices. This exclusive pricing is visible on every product page, so you can see just how much you'll save. You're still eligible to apply our 10% price beat, Z Points and any other discount offers on top of your exclusive Club Z prices.

Plus, you'll be invited to member-only sale events that are not available to the general public! We reserve only the best sales for our Club Z members with discounts of up to 95% off, free giveaways, exclusive products and experience opportunities you won't find anywhere else! With many of our events, you must be an active Club Z member to be notified, so you don't want to miss out!

Triple Z Points Earning

You'll earn triple the standard Z Points earning rate by being an active Club Z member! Z Points are part of our rewards program which can be used as a loyalty discount on any future order placed with us.

5 Scoop Product Guarantee

If you don't like a supplement that you purchased within 5 scoops (or standard serves) of that product, then you can send it back to us within 30 days for a full credit or refund!

Here's what customers are saying...

It's a Win-Win offer!
The reason I took Z membership is because I've bought almost all of my supplements from Amino Z. The Z membership not only helps me to get free shipping and discounts. It influences me try to different product which comes supercheap! I've tried new brands through this site and I loved it. Plus! You actually never lose money on membership! $10 every month helps me to save for my next supplement. So I would call it an investment towards health and fitness! Loved Amino Z since day 1 and for me nothing comes close when it comes to customer satisfaction! Keep up the Great work! - Adlu

An investment!
Purchasing the Club Z membership was one of the best moves I made in 2018. The value of the products with the Club Z membership will save your hard earned cash and is also an investment towards your long term health. - Brock

Totally worth it!
Well worth the money, you basically pay nothing for the membership as you accumulate z points each month - Phu

Club Z Smart Investment
If you are a regular customer with Amino Z, Club Z is something you should definitely invest in!! Fast delivery, cheaper prices, $10 store cash. Nothing can beat that???? - Petros

Great initiative
Fantastic initiative for regular customers. Great deals for Amino Z Club members. Massive discounts on the products that you use regularly - Aleshia

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