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Best Price Guarantee

Found a lower price? We'll beat it by 10% of the difference, INSTANTLY!

We stand by our low-price guarantee. So if you've found the same product from an Australian competitor at a lower price, we will beat it! Better yet, you can apply the price beat instantly from your browser!

How do I apply a price beat?
Simply visit the product page, select any size/flavour options and then click on the "PRICE BEAT" button. Fill in the details and apply the price beat instantly. You can then add the product into your cart at the reduced price.

Will my order be delayed?
There will not be any delay to your order so long as the information submitted is correct.

Can I price beat another store with a sale?
Absolutely! Please include any details of the sale so it can be verified by our team. For example, if a coupon code is required, please add this into the "Extra Notes" section.

What if the other store offers free shipping?
No problem, we will also offer free shipping! Just select the "Free Shipping" checkbox when providing details.

Can I price beat another store and then apply an Amino Z discount as well?
You're able to do one or the other, not both. If we are beating another price, no further discounts from Amino Z will apply to any items with a price beat.

How many price beats are approved?
The vast majority of price beats are approved instantly without any delay to your order being sent. Occasionally incorrect information may be submitted and we will contact you for further guidance before sending your order.

Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

- Besides existing Z points which can be used, no further discounts will apply on any items with a price beat applied (bulk discounts, bundle discounts, coupon codes etc.)
- All stores must have a valid company phone number (which is not a mobile number) and be of a company structure. Stores must have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) and be based in Australia. We will not price beat sole-traders or independent sellers. You cannot be associated with that entity in any way (owner, partner, staff, contractor etc.)
- The price beat is based solely on the product price from the other store. If their shipping is free, we will also offer free shipping. If their shipping is not free, their shipping charge is not considered and our standard shipping rates apply based on your order total value.
- The price submitted must be current and advertised publicly (and able to be verified by our team). It must be advertised in Australian Dollars (AUD).
- The item(s) must be fully in stock and identical at the other store (including flavour, size, product, label, formulation etc.). If a quantity limit applies at the competitor it will also apply with us. Expiry dates must be similar (for example, we will not price beat an item on sale due to a near expiry date when our product has a longer expiry date).
- While we do price-beat discount coupons, volume discounts and general sales from our competitors, we do not consider any offers or rewards given to you by the competitor after placing the other. For example, this could include cash-back offers (claimed after your order), loyalty credits (credited after your order) etc.
- The other store cannot be undergoing a product liquidation or be closing-down. We may also refuse any price beats which are significantly below our cost price that are unsustainable to honour by our company.
- All item(s) with a price beat must be deliverable from the other store to the address you use with us.

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