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Bandito Labs Redemption Pre Workout Single Serve Sample

By: Bandito Labs

Bandito Labs Redemption Pre Workout Single Serve Sample Bandito Labs Redemption Pre Workout Single Serve Sample

Bandito Labs Redemption Pre Workout Single Serve Sample

By: Bandito Labs

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Bandito Labs Pre-Workout

WARNING: This pre-workout isn't for the faint of heart.

Over the last couple of years too many weak-assed pre-workouts have hit the market. These supplements promise results, but simply do not deliver.

I mean, honestly -- if you need to take more than one scoop of a pre-workout to get an effect, it ain't worth jack.

So we decided to make our own.

Enter Bandito Labs: Redemption.

We worked our hands to the bone to come up with a hardcore formula that promises results. A pre-workout supplement that will do more than make you feel “good”.

We created a pre-workout supplement that will take your head off -- in a good way of course.

Seriously, if you want soul-crushing workouts, then we have got you covered. Just note that this formula is not for the faint of heart. This is for the guys and gals who are sick of weak pre-workout supplements and want to take their training to the next level.

This is for those of you who want to kick their workout right where it hurts, claiming all the gains in the process.

This is for those of you who want redemption.


At Bandito Labs we have combined seven key ingredients in some seriously potent dosages to take your training up a notch.

And here they are.

• Beta Alanine (3200mg)

Beta-alanine is an amino acid your body uses to produce the compound carnosine -- which helps prevent lactic acid accumulation in your muscle tissue.

With this in mind, taking beta alanine before your workout has shown to improve muscular endurance, while limiting intra-session fatigue [1]. Over time this means you get more out of your training, leading to better muscle growth and faster fat loss [2].

• Citrulline Malate (6000mg)

Citrulline malate increases the amount of nitric oxide your body produces. As nitric oxide helps open up your arteries and veins, this increases blood flow to your muscles, giving you an insane pump in the process.

Importantly, taking citrulline before your workout has been shown to cause large improvements in gym performance. It does this by boosting the number of reps you can do, and helping you add a couple of kilos to the bar [3].

As a bonus, research has also shown that citrulline can reduce the amount of fatigue you experience throughout your workout, while also boosting recovery after training [4].

This not only makes every workout better, but also leads to long term increases in strength and size.

• L-Tyrosine (500mg)

Your body uses the amino acid L-Tyrosine to create dopamine and adrenaline.

As a result, L-tyrosine boosts reaction time and attention, while also making you feel “better” subjectively. This boost in mental performance can lead to some serious improvements in the gym [5].

Importantly, because L-tyrosine increases the quality of your workouts, it can seriously enhance your long term gym progress.

AKA better gains, bandito.

• Huperzine-A (150mcg)

If you have never heard of Huperzine-A, we wouldn't be surprised -- but trust us when we say that doesn't mean it is not effective.

This is a fairly new supplement that acts as a “acetylcholinesterase inhibitor” in your body. This essentially means that it stops the compound acetylcholine from being broken down in your muscles, which leads to acetylcholine accumulation.

And this is key.

It is well known that acetylcholine facilitates muscular contraction and staves off fatigue. And by increasing the amount of acetylcholine in your muscle, Huperzine-A boosts muscle recruitment, muscle strength, and enhances your performance in the gym [6]

It is a seriously potent compound.

• Taurine (250mg)

Taurine is an amino acid found naturally occurring throughout your entire body -- however, it mostly appears in your brain, eyes, heart and muscle tissue.

In these tissues, Taurine is used to support a number of different processes, including the regulation of hydration in your cells, preventing oxidation in your body, and even supporting calcium signaling in your organs.

Most importantly, it also looks like Taurine plays a big role with respect to gym performance.

Taurine has been shown to improve muscular endurance (i.e. your muscles ability to resist fatigue), while simultaneously causing significant improvements in muscle strength [7].

This can cause a significant increase in your training volume each session, leading to better improvements in muscle size and strength.

• Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg)

If your pre-workout doesn't contain a serious amount of caffeine, then you are wasting your time (and money).

Caffeine is hands-down the most effective performance boosting compound on the planet. It can cause serious improvements in mental alertness, attention, and reaction time, while also boosting muscle strength, power, and endurance [8].

In short, it increases the mental and physical aspects of gym performance in a very big way.

Now, it is well known that an effective dose of caffeine should sit between 200 and 400 milligrams. But we have opted for the higher end of this range to make sure you get everything you need in a single serve.

Prepare to be blown away.

• Theobromine Extract (50mg)

Last but not least we have Theobromine.

This specific compound is found in cacao plants and tea leaves, and it has been shown to act on the body in a very similar way to caffeine.

In addition to its potent effects on the brain and muscle tissue, it also increases blood flow throughout the body, while simultaneously promoting the release of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.

These two hormones increase both heart rate and metabolic rate [9], contributing to much better gym performance.

Importantly, when combined with caffeine, we are talking gains to the tenth.


Bandito labs redemption is not for the weak-willed or the faint of heart -- it is for those few people who are serious about taking their gains to the next level.

So what are you waiting for bandito? Time for redemption.


1.Culbertson, Julie Y., et al. "Effects of beta-alanine on muscle carnosine and exercise performance: a review of the current literature." Nutrients 2.1 (2010): 75-98.

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9. Kennedy, Michael. "Effects of theophylline and theobromine on exercise performance and implications for competition sport: A systematic review." Drug Testing and Analysis 13.1 (2021): 36-43.

Total Serves per Package: 1

Serving Size: 1.00000g

Per 1g ServePer 100g
Energy14.6 kJ1457 kJ
Protein0 g0.1 g
Carbohydrate0.9 g85.1 g
Complex Carbs0.8 g78.7 g
Sugar0.1 g6.4 g
Fibre0 g0.1 g
Fat0 g0.6 g
Saturated Fat0 g0.1 g
Caffeine0 mg0 mg
Sodium0.2 mg20 mg

Natural Cola Flavour

Mix 1 serve with 250mL of water and mix well with a shaker.

Please note that the nutritional profile will vary according to your flavour selection.

Bandito Labs Redemption Pre Workout Single Serve Sample Reviews
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Pretty impressed
By Aris reviewed on 28/09/2021
5 stay for a pre-workout that does what it really says.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Best pre-workout so far
By Harley reviewed on 17/09/2021
have tried many pre-workout, most of them were just not enough for me. REDEMPTION is exactly what I was looking for.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
By John reviewed on 17/09/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

When I take this product, I feel like a new man.

I can do incredible tasks like competing in a 160K Horse Race.

Starting at Midnight and finishing at 6pm
18 Hours in the saddle.

its a Simply Amazing & Outstading product
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Good but might mess up with sleep
By Arin reviewed on 15/09/2021
I usually get time to train late in might, usually after long office hours. This pre might mess up with your sleep if you are taking it too close before sleep.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Best Pre
By Verdell reviewed on 14/09/2021
Hands down, the best pre in the market.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Extreme kick
By Arnell reviewed on 9/09/2021
This preworkout WORKS. I recommend it frequently, because It's the best value for the price. It contains ingredients that delivers real effects on your body and help you reach your fitness goals, which is what most of us want. You'll get a pump, increased energy, & increased blood flow.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Great pump
By Deniz reviewed on 1/09/2021
Can’t stop myself from checking out that impressive muscle pump. Have never experienced this kind of muscle pump.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
On my second jar
By Lannie reviewed on 31/08/2021
Already on my second jar, I am loving this product.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Insane energy
By Deane reviewed on 25/08/2021
Youll get the tingles, but we can’t deny its effectiveness in boosting energy levels.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
My #1 pre-workout!
By Verdell reviewed on 19/08/2021
can’t expect more from a pre-workout. Beta-alanine is strong but it also eliminates the lactic buildup. Cittruline is strong but it improves the supply of nutrient-rich blood. Caffeine is strong but it provides awesome mental focus and energy.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

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