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Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L

By: Amino Z

Aussie Made
Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L Amino Z 26.2

Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L

By: Amino Z

Aussie Made
Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L Amino Z 26.2

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A strictly limited quantity of 1L Amino Z hand sanitiser. This is the official TGA approved COVID-19 formulation. 100% Australian made with 100% Australian made materials and ingredients. Scroll down for the full description. Orders will be dispatched within approximately 1 day of ordering. Maximum 20 per order. Add a 100mL spray bottle to your order for $3.95 each.

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Amino Z
Hand Sanitiser 1L
Amino Z Hand Sanitiser 1L
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As an extension of our standard supplement range, we're manufacturing hand sanitiser to help account for the shortage of the product in Australia.

Amino Z hand sanitiser is a simple formulation free of any additives such as colouring, fragrance and unnecessary chemicals.

This product is only available in a 1L bulk size. It is a slightly viscous liquid formulation. This is not a gel.

Based on the COVID-19 guidelines provided by TGA (The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration), WHO (World Health Organisation) and the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration), we have formulated this hand sanitiser to be 80% ethyl alcohol with the addition of water, propylene glycol and hydrogen peroxide. The combination of ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and water are necessary for killing bacteria and viruses, while propylene glycol helps moisturise the skin.

Our manufacturing facility is Australian owned and located in Sydney. This product is 100% Australian sourced and made, including all raw materials and the bottles themselves.

As materials have been very difficult to source due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have a very limited quantity available. Orders to be shipped within 1 day of ordering. Once stock allocation has been exhausted, our system will no longer allow you to add further product to the shopping cart and/or purchase this product.

Store credit will be applied to your order as soon as your order ships out.

Ingredients: 80% Ethyl Alcohol (Denatured), distilled water, propylene glycol, hydrogen peroxide.