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AST Sports Science

AST Sports Science Vyo-Pro Protein Bar 62g : Chocolate Brownie

AST Sports Science Vyo-Pro Protein Bar 62g : Chocolate Brownie

By: AST Sports Science

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AST Sports Science is a health and sports nutritional supplement company founded in 1987 whose main headquarters is based in Golden, Colorado, USA. It is committed to constant advancement of scientifically-based sports nutrition supplements. It is also dedicated to scientifically and medically-supported research as a backbone to supporting nutritional advancement designed to enhance athletic performance and metabolic function as well as promote optimum health and well-being. Through dedicated effort and peerless foresight, AST Sports Science is committed to introducing to the athletic community new, effective and state-of-the-art performance enhancing products. These products are backed by science and based on the concept of enhancing metabolic pathways to increase performance. The company will continue to supply credible information on the proper use of exercise, nutrition and nutritional supplements as a way to elevate the performance level of every athlete. Void of non-supported hype and self-serving propaganda, AST Sports Science is committed to the athlete and the endeavours he or she pursues. Among AST Sports Science’s renowned products are the VP2 908g, VYO-PRO Protein Bar 62G and the GL3 Glutamine 1.2KG. They have branched out worldwide. Their global offices are located in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Holland, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Poland, Brunei and Italy. Their Australia office is located in Maidstone, Victoria.

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