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Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout

By: Amino Z

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout Amino Z 4.6 5 41 37.95

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout

By: Amino Z

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout Amino Z 4.6 5 41 37.95
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✓ Australian Made
✓ 110% Guarantee
✓ Naturally Flavoured
✓ Gluten Free
✓ Soy Free
✓ Lactose Free
✓ Vegan Friendly
✓ Vegetarian Friendly
✓ Free From Added Colours

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This product comes in a standard 30 serves size. Other sizes are sent as multiple items. For example, 60 serves will be sent as 2x 30 serves items.

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Amino Z Non Stim Pre-Workout 30 serves

When it comes to supplement staples, it is hard to look past a good pre-workout. I mean, assuming they have the right ingredients in the right dosages, they can take your workout -- and your results -- to the next level.

The kicker?

Most pre-workout supplements contain a number of potent stimulants. While this is not always a bad thing (most are highly effective), it can pose some issues if you like to train in the evening, because they can impede sleep.

Moreover, many people can get quite jittery after consuming common stimulants like caffeine, which ends up hindering their workout rather than helping it.

It was for this reason that we made the most potent non-stimulant pre-workout on the market. If you want mind blowing pumps, all the gains, no jittery side effects, and with no impact on sleep, look no further.

Enter the Amino Z Non Stim Pre-Workout.

Ingredient Profile

The Amino Z Non Stim Pre-Workout contains seven scientifically supported ingredients that can boost the results of your workouts in a big way.

L-Citrulline Malate (4 g/serve)
Citrulline is an amino acid that increases the production of nitric oxide in your body. This, in turn, increases blood flow to your muscle tissue -- which is where it derives its performance enhancing effects.

Citrulline supplements have been shown to cause notable increases in gym performance by improving upon the number or reps you can perform per set, or the amount of weight you can put on the bar [1].

Over time this means more strength and growth.

Within this, citrulline malate has also been shown to stave off fatigue while you workout [2]. This can increase the quality of your session, ensuring you feel fresh from start to finish.

Lastly, citrulline can also speed up recovery after you complete your gym session [1]. This ensures that you will get more out of every gym session, which is the key to long-lasting training progress.

The 6000mg dosage in this supplement is above industry standard and certain to get results.

Beta Alanine (3.2 g/serve)

Beta-alanine is another amino acid that your body uses to produce carnosine -- a unique compound that staves off the accumulation of lactate in muscle tissue.

It is for this reason that supplementing with beta alanine has been shown to cause marked increases in muscular endurance, while stopping you getting fatigued during your training session [3].

Over time this means that you can get more out of your workouts, which causes significant improvements in muscle growth and fat loss [4]. This makes it a ‘must have’ for both bulking and cutting phases of your training.

The 3200mg dose here is more than the 2000mg you see in most other supplements.

Glycerol Monostearate (1.5 g/serve)

While not as well-researched as other pre-workout ingredients, glycerol monostearate appears to be just as effective.This hydrating compound comes from glycerol, which makes the colourless parts of fat

Glycerol supplements help improve fluid hydration throughout the body. Specifically, when consumed with liquid, it increases fluid uptake into your muscle tissue, which can also improve nutrient delivery.

As a result, glycerol monostearate has been shown to improve exercise performance and stave off fatigue in a big way [5] -- which is pretty important if you want to get the most out of your workout.

The 1500mg dosage here aligns with best practice in the research to date.

Agmatine Sulfate (1 g/serve)

Agmatine is a type of neurotransmitter found in your brain. As a result, its implementation has been shown to reduce feelings of pain, while also improving mood and emotional wellbeing [6, 7].

This can seriously improve workout performance.

Moreover, agmatine also acts synergistically to citrulline by increasing nitric oxide production. This increases blood flow to your muscle tissue, further promoting the ‘pump’, enhancing nutrient delivery, and improving growth and recovery.

Research has shown that supplementing between 200 and 1000mgs of Agmantine is effective, which is why we stick to the higher end of this range.

L-Tyrosine (500 mg/serve)

L-Tyrosine is the amino your body uses to create dopamine and adrenaline.

With this in mind, L-tyrosine supplements lead to improvements in reaction time [8] and attention, while also making you feel “better” subjectively [9]. Because of this, taking L-tyrosine before training can seriously improve your performance [10].

While this will not cause a direct improvement in muscle growth like some of the other ingredients in this great pre-workout, it will boost the quality of your workouts -- which is key when it comes to long term progress.

The 750mg included in this supplement is a touch above the minimum effective dose of 500mg you'll find in most pre-workout supplements.

Pink Himalayan Salt (200 mg/serve)

Including something as simple as salt into your pre-workout may sound a little odd, but it is here for a very good reason. Like glycerol, salt has been shown to increase fluid uptake into muscle tissue during exercise.

This improves nutrient delivery to your muscle cells, while also enhancing energy production. This causes improvements in training performance and recovery [11, 12].

Oh, and it gives you one huge pump in the process -- making it the perfect choice for a non-stimulant pre workout.

Huperzine-A (200mcg/serve)

Huperzine-A is a potent supplement that is classified as an “acetylcholinesterase inhibitor”. This means that it stops the enzyme acetylcholinesterase from breaking down the compound acetylcholine

This leads to an accumulation of acetylcholine throughout your body

Why is this important?.

Acetylcholine is known to facilitate muscle contraction and stave off muscle fatigue. As a result, supplementing with Huperzine-A (thus increasing acetylcholine) has been shown to improve muscle fibre recruitment, enhance muscular contraction, and improve gym performance [13].

The 200mcg dosage is commonly used in research settings to good effect.

Final Message

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout provides your body with everything it needs to increase gym performance. More importantly, it does so without any stimulants -- meaning you can get the most out of the gym without it impacting your sleep.

And trust me when we say the mango nectar flavour is next level.

Gonzalez, A. M., & Trexler, E. T. (2020). Effects of Citrulline Supplementation on Exercise Performance in Humans: A Review of the Current Literature. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 34(5), 1480-1495.
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Martinez, Nic, et al. "The effect of acute pre-workout supplementation on power and strength performance." Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 13.1 (2016): 29

Select flavour:
Per 11.5g ServePer 100g
Energy155.6 kJ1357 kJ
Energy (Calories)37.2 cal324.6 cal
Protein (g)8.9 g77.3 g
Total Fat (g)0 g0 g
Saturated Fat (g)0 g0 g
Trans Fat (g)0 g0 g
Total Carbohydrate (g)0.4 g3.3 g
Sugar (g)0 g0.3 g
Total Fibre (g)0 g0 g
Sodium (mg)1 mg8.9 mg
Caffeine (mg)0 mg0 mg

Citrulline Malate (4 g/serve), Beta-alanine (3.2 g/serve), Glycerol Monostearate (1.5 g/serve), Agmatine Sulphate (1 g/serve), Natural Mango Flavour. (Natural Mango Flavour, Food Acid (E296), Stevia)., L-Tyrosine (500 mg/serve), Silicon Dioxide, Pink Himalayan Salt (200 mg/serve), Huperzine-A (200 mcg/serve)

Mix 1 serve with 250mL of water and mix well with a shaker.

Lab Test Results

Product quality and transparency is at the heart of our values. Below you will find the independent third-party lab tests we have published relevant to this product.

Ingredient Lab Tests

Beta-alanine: Lab test date: 21/08/20
Beta-alanine: Lab test date: 03/08/20
Beta-alanine: Lab test date: 26/09/19
Beta-alanine: Lab test date: 24/10/17
Beta-alanine: Lab test date: 14/02/17

Agmatine Sulphate: Lab test date: 03/08/20
Agmatine Sulphate: Lab test date: 02/03/20

Citrulline Malate: Lab test date: 25/03/21
Citrulline Malate: Lab test date: 06/09/20
Citrulline Malate: Lab test date: 01/09/20
Citrulline Malate: Lab test date: 06/04/20
Citrulline Malate: Lab test date: 26/11/19

L-Tyrosine: Lab test date: 09/11/19

Glycerol Monostearate: Lab test date: 20/07/18

Amino Z Supps Video Reviews

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout Reviews

Average Rating:  

4.6 from 41 ratings
  • 5 Stars
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  • 2 Stars
  • 1 Stars

Non Stim pre work out -berry

By Glenn reviewed on 9/11/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Tastes pretty good, good impact and pump.

It’s a little tough to mix but gets there in the end.
Well recommend
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Best on the market

By John reviewed on 23/08/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Awesome product that tastes amazing and has all the necessary ingredients at the right doses for a great pump fuelled work out!
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Tastes good and works

By Ismail reviewed on 20/08/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Purchased the Berry and Mango flavors. They Taste good and does feel like it helps as much as the stim preworkouts.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Nic Cecil

By David reviewed on 16/08/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

the pre workout is pretty good. my workouts have felt productive since trying it. slight downside is that it doesn't mix amazingly, however it will get there after a minute or two.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

It works, not sure if I'd buy it again

By Matthew reviewed on 12/08/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

As I'm cutting down on caffeine intake, especially given the doses found in most pre-workouts, I figured the non-stim pre-workout was worth a try.
It does work in much the same way, given the ingredients remain much the same minus the caffeine and with the addition of Himalayan Pink Salt.

The salt to me is what makes this a little hard to drink. It can be difficult to drink quickly but the aftertaste will make you want to.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

love it

By Kevin reviewed on 11/07/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

amazing pumps
highly recommend
great pricing too
one of the best non-stim ive ever tried plus the ingredients is perfect
would've liked if L-citrulline was at 8g but other then that, its great
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Really bad flavour

By Thomas reviewed on 19/02/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Not a fan of sour cola gummy at all, aftertaste is overpowering and almost sickening.
Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Great Non-Stimulant Pre Workout, But With a Price.

By Zein reviewed on 15/01/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Let me get straight into it with a pros and cons list:

-Quality formulated ingredients with clinical doses of effective pump products (L-Citrulline, glycerol monostearate etc.).

-Is a great bang for your buck when considering the supplements they use

-provides innovative nootropics that can help with focus during the gym.

-The sour cola gummy taste is super sweet and having barely any cola flavour, and having a strong aftertaste.

-The mango nectar is much better but still has that strong aftertaste and is heavily flavoured.

Overall the product is probably one of the best bang for your buck pre workouts on the market when it comes to formulation and ingredient choices, but if you don't have a problem chugging it or drinking it with a lot of water them this is a great budget non stim pre workout.

100% of 1 user found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

Complete stim free preworkout

By Arslan reviewed on 12/01/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Great doses of useful ingredients. The mango necter flavour tastes great and mixes well.

Very useful to have when training late or if you've had one too many coffees already
100% of 1 user found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

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