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Please note that some products may be shortdated as indicated in their titles. All other consumable items are long-dated.
Flavour: Rocky Road
Flavour: Choc-Mint
Flavour: Choc Malt
Flavour: Extreme Milk Chocolate
Flavour: Strawberry
Flavour: Banana
Flavour: Mocha Cappuccino
Flavour: Strawberry Banana
Flavour: Cookies & Cream
Flavour: Double Rich Chocolate
Flavour: French Vanilla Cream
Flavour: Vanilla
PT Pro Door Pull Up Bar
Size: Small/Medium
PT Pro Balance Board
Colour: Silver
Colour: Pink
PT Pro Rotating Pushup Bars/Grips/Handles
PT Pro Exercise Yoga/Pilates Mat 180x60x1cm
Size: 14 oz
PT Pro Deluxe Door Pull Up / Chin Up Bar
PT Pro Super-Deluxe Door Pull Up / Chin Up Bar
PT Pro Undulation / Battle Rope (15m, 3.8cm diameter)
Flavour: Lemonade
Flavour: Black Cherry

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